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Interested in serving in Chi Alpha?

Here at Chi Alpha, we love opportunities to serve our campus! We have many serving teams that range from playing guitar for worship to driving the equipment van Thursday nights so everyone has an opportunity to share the talents God has given them with our campus!

Fill out the form below to start serving!

What do the Serve Teams do?

Greeting Team 

Being a part of the Greeting Team means that you get to make sure everyone who attends our Chi Alpha weekly service feels welcomed and delighted in! We do this by greeting everyone with a smile and a high-five as they enter the service.
• Time Commitment: 10-15 minutes before a Chi Alpha service whenever you are available

Connection Team

The Connection Team has the amazing opportunity to make sure our new friends who come to our Chi Alpha service are connected to small groups, have access to helpful resources, and answer questions! We do this through our connection table just outside the Chi Alpha service.
• Time Commitment: 15-20 minutes after a Chi Alpha when scheduled

Setup & Teardown Team

The Setup & Teardown Team makes sure our Chi Alpha service is able to get off the ground by unloading the equipment trailer and bringing all the equipment to our Chi Alpha service. This team also packs up all the equipment and loads it back into the trailer after service. This is a crucial team and honestly Chi Alpha would not be the same without all the amazing members!
• Time Commitment: 5:45-6:45pm and/or 30-45 minutes after Chi Alpha whenever you are available

Post Service Prayer Team

We believe in the power of prayer and the Post Service Prayer Team has the amazing opportunity to pray with anyone who wants prayer after each Chi Alpha service. During the after service worship song, team members will stand on the sides of the room and pray with anyone who desires prayer or encouragement.
• Time Commitment: 5-10 minutes during the final worship song at Chi Alpha when scheduled

Worship Team

The heart of Worship Team is to bring glory and praise to God through the amazing talents and skills God has graciously gifted to us. Each week the Worship Team helps us all focus our minds and hearts on God and prepares us to receive a word of encouragement and wisdom from the speaker at our Chi Alpha service.
• Time Commitment: 6:00pm-9:30pm Thursdays when scheduled

(please tell us what instrument you play in the form!)

Sound Team

The Sound Team makes sure that the Good News of Jesus can be heard by everyone in the room! These are the people who make the Worship Team shine through EQing each instrument and voice for the service during worship practice and play hype music before and after service. Never touched a sound board? Don’t worry! We can train you!
• Time Commitment: 6:00pm-9:30pm Thursdays when scheduled

ProPresenter Team

What are announcements without graphics? Or worship without words? Or a sermon without scripture or notes? The ProPresenter Team helps everyone to engage in our service through our eyes and our minds by managing slides, graphics, and videos during our Chi Alpha service. 
• Time Commitment: 7:00pm-9:30pm Thursdays when scheduled

Outreach Team

The outreach team has a heart to go to the hard to reach parts of campus and invite new people into out community. If you love meeting new people this team is for you!

• Time Commitment: Varies

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